Ebenezer Aboriginal Corp.

Phone: (08) 9440 1736


Ebenezer brings hope into the lives of many people.
It brings warmth, care and trust and opens opportunities to see
a rewarding and contented life ahead.

We are always seeking people who are able to join our treasured community of volunteers who provide valuable help and support in various areas of the Ebenezer programs.

Ebenezer has opportunities for volunteering in many areas of our work including pickup and delivery, cleaning, gardening, building and vehicle maintenance, bookkeeping and administration. 

Volunteers with experience may find themselves working side by side with team members in running programs and delivering projects.

Our volunteers have often told us they gain as much as they give, that they make friends through their involvement in the programs, and that they are rewarded with the satisfaction that comes from making a difference.

The dedication of both team members and volunteers is a constant source of pride throughout the organisation, and has been key to the successes Ebenezer has achieved.

If you feel that you have a skill or resource to contribute to the work of Ebenezer Aboriginal Corporation
please call Martin Smith on 08 9440 1736